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New Russian Law on Religion

putin-religionAnd so the hands on the clock move backward. The Yarovaya Package was signed into law by President Vladimir Putin, despite the appeals of religious leaders. These laws attack the religious freedoms of evangelicals and push the Russian Federation back in time to 1929.

It was then that Yosef Stalin’s law on religion ushered in an era of extreme persecution against evangelicals. Any student of history knows of the work camps, the prison camps, the gulags where people of faith were sent with all severity.

Fast-forwarding to now, the past 25 years of religious freedom since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 seemed almost too Russian Christians1good to be true. Sure, there were still anti-Semitic attacks and non-Orthodox churches were bulldozed in recent days, yet everyone hoped that these were isolated attacks. Russian megachurches flourished.

Now, using anti-terrorist excuses, religious freedoms are being curtailed in the same way they were almost 90 years ago. With a growing spirit of fear and mistrust moving like a dark cloud across the land, Russians will not be able to share their faith with friends or strangers, or face extreme fines which could be levied against organizations as well as individuals.

russianchurchTV, radio, newspapers, internet will all be subject to surveillance and censorship when it comes to religious ideas. As though Russia were not restrictive enough in terms of free speech.

All of this is in violation of the Russian Constitution. Putin could care less. Do the people of the West care enough to help Russian brothers and sisters of faith?


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