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New Summertime “Do” For Our Scotties

When we felt we could hold off no longer, Scottish Terriers Misha and Grisha went to get their summer hairdos.  I promised you before and after photos of our shaggy sheep dog wannabes, so here they are.








Before.  Barely Visible Visage.


After.  Fabulous Face and Flirty Eyes.


“Do you like my profile?” asks Misha.


“I’m exhausted,” sighs Grisha.


Maybe some guests will come to see us, now that we’re so handsome.



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  1. avatar Gwendolyn says:

    Our dogs (two Standard Poodles, one white, one black) got brushcuts for the summer! They are cooler and silkier, but kind of leggy… And I can see their beautiful eyes again! Praise God for DOGS!

    • avatar admin says:

      Brushcuts can work if you’re a dog, or a boy in the south…! Seems like everybody is sheared there. I did take our girls to get about 2″ off today. I’ll probably be next.

      Dogs are the best, Gwendolyn… not to put down cats, horses, iguanas, etc. There have been studies done on the therapeutic aspects of horses with adopted children who learn to ride, and I would agree, but I’m telling you dogs are right up there…. I wonder how Misha and Grisha might set up their own mental health hotline, where through Skype or something you could virtually pet their soft fur, etc… And we never thought the Jetsons with moving walkways would be real, lol….

  2. I agree…Jupiter gets a lot of therapeutic benefits from the (extended) family dogs. We have one cat in residence who is a little skittish but has reached a truce with Jupiter and goes to sleep on her bed (when Jupiter is not sleeping in it). The cat also seems to come in at story time and lay on the bed while we’re reading…tonight’s story happened to be “Three Stories You can Read to your Cat”.

    • avatar admin says:

      Well, of course the cat would come in for a story like that! I wonder who would come in if you started reading Babar…. 🙂

      In a pinch (barring any animals), a stuffed animal, a parent’s touch, or a cup of warm cocoa are also very nurturing.

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