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Nice, France: A Declaration of War

attack-niceIn every disagreement, argument or conflict, there comes a time when the balance is tipped. That just happened in Nice, France, with the latest terrorist attack killing almost 100 people (“dizaines de morts” – dozens of dead). The world is at war with ISIS and has been for years.

The rise of ISIS happened under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her refusal to act against these interests in Iraq. That was the beginning. And now with these continued attacks at home and abroad, our president, President Obama, president of the free world, will not call it Islamic terrorism. He says that it “appears to be” a terror attack.

Appears to be? In other words, maybe it’s just a truck gone wild, plunging into a random crowd?Nice-attack-AP-380

They fight without uniforms, without defined battlefields, they strike like playground bullies, picking soft targets like Bastille Day on the French Riviera right after the fireworks on their independence day.

What’s in a name? Do we need to call it “Islamic terror”, do we need to term it a “war”?

Yes. It’s past time.  The scales have tipped.  Without a clear label, there will be no clear target or strategy.

The time is past, actually beyond past, to react and respond to Islamic terrorism.  Only new leadership will lead us there.

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