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No CPR for Elderly Lady in CA-?

happy-elderlyYou’ve no doubt heard about the elderly woman at the independent living facility in Bakersfield, California, who was not given cardiopulmonary resuscitation by a nurse there after the resident collapsed and had trouble breathing?

It was not their “policy” to help, simply to call 911.

The emergency calls records the fire department dispatch pleading with the nurse to ask a passer-by to help, if she would not.  Nope.  Couldn’t take on that responsibility.

Now I understand liability and lawsuits as much as the other guy, but REALLY??? You have your elderly parent living in a place that’s not specifically “assisted care”, so you will not assist an 87-year-old who collapses right in front of you?  What is happening to our world?

Experts in CPR say that the majority of the time, chest compressions alone will save someone, that you need not performimages mouth-to-mouth resuscitation if that’s problematic for you.  Just press down in the middle of their chest with about 100 compressions per minute.  It must be done with sufficient pressure, and hey, if a broken rib results, I’d much rather be alive and complaining about something like that… than DEAD.

The woman was taken to the hospital after emergency personnel arrived, and she died there.  Nobody knows if CPR would have saved her, since it generally only saves 10-30% of those to whom it’s administered.

But wouldn’t it be worth it to try?  Are we not our brother’s keeper?  (If it were up to me, that independent living facility would be shut down in a New York minute.)

If you’d like to give psychological CPR to another adoptive family, feel free to join our Adoption Talk Chat Forum at 3-D.  Here’s an even better-worded way to Log-in:

Happy-seniors1. Either on Front (home) Page or Adoption Talk page of 3-D site, go halfway down on right side bar.

2. If you have not used a Password or Username in the last few days that Adoption Talk has been semi-functioning, then you click on the small white box: “Log In”.

3. This takes you to the Word Press Log-in page, where you click “Register” on the bottom line. That’s where you register for this site with Username & E-mail.

4. Then a Password will be e-mailed to you (which you can change to one of your preference).

Give it a whirl this weekend!  Happy Friday, everyone.



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