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Non-Wedding Preparations

thOur 35th wedding anniversary looms before us, just over a month away.  Wisely, we have planned nothing for that exact day.  However, if Benedetto chooses to surprise me, well, what can I say?

Instead, our thoughts turn toward photos, parties, and blessings. 

Let me explain.

The two of us kind of balk at the whole “marriage renewal” idea, as I’ve mentioned before.  In other words, we meant our vows the first time around.  Any renewing of this marriage will most likely require a year or so, just the two rialto-2of us, on the Riviera, and since that’s not going to happen any time soon, we’ve opted for the above three more modest goals.

As with our 25th and 30th anniversaries, we like the idea of taking beautiful photos of us and the family in some of our favorite, lovely locations, the two of us dressed similar to a bride and groom.

Brings a lot of interesting comments when you have to explain to any onlookers’ “Tanti Auguri!” or “Mazal Tov!” Lace-wedding-gowns-with-sleevesthat this is several decades after the fact.  Generally, I just let it go and thank them.

Friends want to have parties with wedding cake and elegant reception foods.  Fine with me.  I’m not under the illusion that I will be fitting into my original wedding gown anytime soon, but my daughters are gunning for this, particularly with this big anniversary looming on the horizon.

“Mama, we want to see your wedding dress!  It’s in the back of our closet…” they start.

“Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but those days may be gone forever….”

“No, Mama, you don’t have to wear it, we just want to see what it looks like up close.”

“That we can do,” I acknowledge, wondering if they’re sizing it up for any future plans….

Along with our parties and wedding cakes, we’re going to have a marriage “blessing”.  If you wonder what this modern-wedding-cake-designis, I created it, so I’m not sure if it’s done elsewhere-!  It’s a chance for any of our friends who want to, to come dressed-up or not, and have a group prayer said over all of the couples assembled at said reception.  I figured if ever marriages needed prayer, it’s in this day and age. 

I plan on carrying a small bouquet and tiny white Bible, wearing a pseudo-wedding dress (we’ll see what we can fit into as the date approaches), Benedetto in his already-owned tuxedo (too much exertion or thought required of a husband could have him backing out before it even begins, men have it so easy), and the children acting as attendants of sorts.

Well, at least the kids are breathless.  They like to dress-up.

The boys actually wanted to wear their cumberbunds and bowties, but I talked them down into black suits, white shirts and red ties.  The girls will wear red dresses, and maybe a wreath of red roses encircling their foreheads, since they may be a bit old for the headband-like flowers.  Maybe not.

_wsb_363x332_HE-Chuppah-Main-Page-Photo-WebSizeYou can tell we didn’t do any dress rehearsals, yet.

Our main issue at this point?  Not the flowers, not the cakes, not the friends nor receptions, not the blessing, not the photos….

It’s the chuppah.  We want a traditional marriage canopy that’s not rented, not too stationary, not too flimsy, not too ornate.  Just kind of simple, not that we can carry 9’ poles halfway around the world.

Considering that these celebrations will take up most of October and November, I figure we have time.  I’ll probably be an expert at this stuff whenever it comes time for the kids to be married….


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