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Not Created for Crumbs

Stressed-Woman-Needs-HelpI met a lovely lady the other night. An immigrant with a beautiful accent, demeanor, and personage, she had a young son attending the best schools, very cultured and polite. The friend who introduced us smiled and raised her eyebrows, nodding in my direction.

It was The Sign: the woman needed help.

An expert in her field and frequently interviewed by the top television anchors, it was not at all certain that our new friend realized that she required my assistance. Frequently, the story would take time to be related, at her own pace, and whenever she felt comfortable enough. Yet, people trusted me enough to bring wounded birds my way, helping-womanhoping that I might speak words of encouragement and mend their wings enough to fly again.

Naturally, it was a man. It didn’t have to be a man, it could be any of a number of things ranging from kids to career or any other variable diminishing or demeaning her.

She was settling. Compromising. And nobody is created for crumbs.

The young lady deserved a feast and somebody had sold her on scrounging for crumbs. Odds and ends. Bits and pieces. Leftovers.

When she was meant to soar.


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