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Not #MeToo

Business-WomanMy heart goes out to all of the women sharing stories of sexual harassment. You’re brave to speak up, even in industries where you have been threatened and intimidated. Most of us regular bystanders to this epidemic understand that there are a lot of male shmucks in the world.

Apparently, more than we ever imagined.

From elderly, head-of-corporation power perverts, to the stereotypical, sex-crazed movie young african american businesswoman using computerproducers who know no boundaries, we hear of serial abusers on both the right and the left of the political aisle. Enter the younger, hip guys whom we don’t imagine needing to force themselves on anyone, along with those honing homespun tales on old-timey radio shows.


Has it ever happened to me? No.

And why would that be?

Business-womenMaybe I protect myself by never being in the position of a man having power over me. I’m not beholden to anyone, in essence: I don’t need their approval nor their job. If you think about it, most of the incidents being reported are workplace harassments.  Most women are not in such a position.

Easy enough to say, but I think I have a pretty big outrage factor. If any guy ever dared to grab me, expose himself to me, make inappropriate comments or texts, I’m fairly certain he would be verbally or physically put in his place. Immediately. Naturally, this does not refer to criminal rapists lying in wait on the street. I’m talking about male colleagues in the workplace.

The minute it happens, get up, walk out, express outrage, shut it down. Yet, most of these business womanwomen cannot, not because they lack the will or the moral backbone, but because their livelihoods depend on it: there’s a mortgage, car payments, children to support. They need to think twice because they’re not in position of power.

But you must do it, whether or not you’re powerful.  Go to the police if no one in your workplace believes you.  Report it.  Do not buy into the culture of tolerance.

Thankfully, the culture is shifting. Doing the right thing, whether you’re in power or subservient to wannabe abusers, is always right.

However, the time is also right to argue for more women to be business owners and heads of corporations, women who will not look the other way nor discredit those who try to speak up.


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