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Notebooks for Every Occasion

notebooksIt appears that I have an unusual attraction for notebooks. This has existed since childhood and obviously is a sign of genius. I mean, great ideas come to us all and if we don’t write them down, how will we ever remember those flashes of brilliance or that turn of a phrase?

Notepads surround me every minute—on the table, next to the bed, in the purse, in the car, in the briefcase, in the kitchen. journal2None in the bathroom, interestingly enough.

And I do use a notepad computer, as well, if that counts.

I own notebooks to organize daily schedules and shopping lists. Travels_to_Remember_Il_Papiro_grandeI have notebook calendars. I keep notebooks of to-do tasks and deadlines. There are travel notebooks with things to do and people to see.

Can’t I go high-tech? Sure, I have all of the gadgets, but honestly, I don’t trust them. The batteries die, plus there are certain places and times when folks can’t use them from hospitals to some aviation take-offs and landings.

There are snap-flap notebooks, string-wrap notebooks, rubber-banded notebooks and gilt-edged notebooks3notebooks. Friends give me leather-bound tomes, while my eye catches handmade paper covers with handsewn bindings.

I keep special notebooks for certain conferences and never have to worry about recharging between sessions. I know which notebook I carried on which trip and happily, all of the project notes are in one place, along with the occasional sketch when necessary. So comforting.

Chalk it up to being old school, Old World, or just plain old. I love my notebooks. Do you know someone like this?


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