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November is National Adoption Awareness Month



Before the month ends, I feel behooved to mention that there are plenty of children here and abroad who need parents. For the most part, these are decent, loving children who would make a wonderful addition to your family. Younger or older, black or white, there’s a child for everyone.


But many folks have real life questions about adoption that are legitimate and deserve to be answered. All the time, onlookers wonder what it would be like to adopt a child. Could you love this boy or girl the same as a bio-child?




Read the blogs, visit adoption agency and association get-togethers, see the kids first-hand. Well, come to think of it, I’ve been to a few of those gatherings. Alright, maybe come and see our children, instead-! I can at least vouch for them, lol. Our kids are pretty mainstream and sweet.


And now here’s another resource at your disposal. Early in our adoption process, Benedetto and I happened upon a made-for-TV movie, called “Special Delivery”. Produced in 2000, I believe we did not see it until later, when we had actually begun to gather documents for our own adoption dossier, maybe in 2002. For years, I’ve been searching for this film.


It’s both a sentimental and humorous look at adoption with none other than actor Andy Dick as a befuddled baby courier working for an adoption agency. As anyone who has ever adopted internationally can imagine, not all goes as planned.


Centered around the Christmas holidays, poignant messages resonate throughout, with plenty of belly laughs for the whole family. Those adoptive parents with family or friends who may view adoption as a foreign and far-away concept will appreciate that the movie helps us to understand that most of us end up “adopting” people over the course of our lifetime:  maybe inlaws, or a family friend, or a baby. Once strangers, they grow to become family in a pretty natural way.


If you have an hour and a half or so, the movie is free to view online at www.hulu.com for a limited time (with a smattering of very brief commercials throughout). “Special Delivery” will warm your heart, and sends a message that we all deserve to belong, in our own special way. Even when there are problems, or mess-ups, situations can turn around to have the most amazing outcomes when we apply a little kindness and caring. It’s a great way to start the holiday season.



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