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Of Detours and Deadlines

deadlineWorking, working, working non-stop. One of the biggest deadlines of my life. Feeling a bit nervous, but cranking it out. Nine-day countdown and it would be best to get it done before then. Camping out in one of our homes while the family is at the other one. Bless you, Benedetto.

I cannot concentrate with two boys, two girls, two dogs, and one husband. Everyone needs something. I close my door. They open it. They need me “just for a sec”.

Occasionally, I emerge to make them a meal or a dessert. I feed overworkedthe dogs. Then others offer to feed them. Bless them.

I still remind, urge, cajole and motivate everyone to do whatever they have to do. Holiday thank yous, studying for the Russian tutorial, practicing music or art or typing….

200334135-001The kids camped out a couple days ago. The backyard was freezing and so were they. Expressed my concern but they went anyway. Son #2 came in the next day with extreme laryngitis and a sore throat. Great. Time to gargle. I try to keep an eye on him because he doesn’t know how to dress properly when it’s 80 degrees outside, much less 38 or 48 degrees.

Back to the computer. Everyone needs me there, as well. The computerworkoutgovernment, my fans, my correspondents, my business associates, my friends.  Computer functions slowly.  Shut it down.  Start it back up.

I glance at the news. Get sidetracked.  Distractions galore. Download more scholarly articles. Write a bunch. Rewrite. Get a coffee. Think about the gym. No time. Grab a snack. Can’t remember where my father is buried. Think about buying hourglasssomething online. What about my resolutions? Back to work.

And so it goes. The clock is ticking. How’s it going with you?


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