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Of Scotties and Sheep

Now that our little Scotties, Misha and Grisha, were all groomed and looking fine, they made up their minds that it was time for travel adventure. 

“We have heard of shepherds keeping watch over their flock by night, and we wish to visit these animals,” said our own wooly ones.

So, off to the country we traversed, not led by a star, but led by GPS.  The Scottish Terriers were acquiver with excitement, anxious to sniff the sharp smells and aromas which had long been scrubbed from their own bodies.

Parking the car and setting out on foot, we rounded the corner and came upon a field of sheep, we being downwind.  The flock could not have smelled the Scotties, but they saw them for sure.

“Baaaah!” cried one.

“Baaaah!” chimed in another.

“Baaaah!  Baaaah!” they all called out, perhaps thinking that Misha and Grisha were their long-lost, black sheep, baby brothers.

The dogs were mesmerized.  Petya held Misha, paws over the top of the fence, nose working overtime.  Pasha kept Grisha on the leash at ground level, and he stuck his nose through the white fence, straining not to miss any of the farm whiff.  The two dogs understood every word being bleated by the sheep.  Uncharacteristically, they uttered not a word, as though awed by the presence of greatness.  Strangest thing.

The sheep came nearer, still talking to our two who loved the ripe smell of the matted ones.  They wondered how they might look in beige dreadlocks. 

While some of the flock did not take too kindly to us being present and turned their backsides in our direction , when it came to the Scotties, the definite affinity was there.  The dogs were not afraid of them, and vice-versa.

It made me wonder:  do you think that all animals can understand the language of the other species, or was this simply a wild and wooly moment, where a Bethlehem tableau was being re-enacted before us?  



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  1. avatar Mr H says:

    scottish terriers and sheep. cute!

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