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Off to the Lavender Fields-!

IMG_3835So we took our little getaway to the south of France. Well, alright, it seemed like Provence, yet it was about an hour outside of DC. I had written earlier about whether to try visiting this lavender farm or not: http://www.destinationsdreamsanddogs.com/to-the-lavender-fields-or-not/.

And so, we decided to go.IMG_3836

As usual, laboring under a time schedule, we had a morning to spare and that was it. Naturally, we got lost heading to the countryside. The GPS told us repeatedly that we had passed the farm, but I found that hard to believe, since it seemed as confused as we were.   Benedetto asked directions of dog IMG_3822walkers on remote country roads, and then inquired at a general store. You know it had to be serious if a guy was asking for directions…. Of course, the farm never answered their phone.

The family eventually made it there. The lavender fields were not as picturesque as they could have been, sort of short and stubby (I feel their pain), but some nice fields and rolled hay combined to provide a lovely backdrop for some family photo ops.

The girls sat on chairs in the shade, while the boys started clipping lavender stalks. Then IMG_3833they switched places.

This is my white bench to oversee my workers in the field. If you have to do it, might as well do it in style-!

Here are my workers’ baskets for harvesting the lavender.

IMG_3826Several different types of lavender could be picked—whether culinary lavender (perfect for some of the lavender mini-cupcakes I spied here and there), or the grosso variety with thick, dark purple blooms, or the paler lavender Provence variety. I tried to stay away from the gift shop with every imaginable sundry item sporting the IMG_3837same delightful scent….

Here is our bundle of 50 stems—it really doesn’t seem like much, does it? We would have needed to harvest half of the IMG_3842farm to get a decent-sized bouquet. But still, the fragrance and drive in the country was worth it.

Did I mention bunnies to pet and feed clover? And beautiful flowers here and there?

Even Misha and Grisha the Scotties got in the act, sniffing to their hearts’ content and checking out farm implements. I think they could be urban dogs with country dog tendencies.

We heard of blackberries to pick at another nearby farm, but unfortunately, had to be on our way. Altogether, a nice IMG_3834morning jaunt.


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  1. avatar Karen says:

    You have the best getaway adventures! I’m going to search for some lavender fields near us. I can envision an elegant picnic among the bushes and fields!

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