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Oh Autumn, How Do I Love Thee?

Red Maple leaves.

Red Maple leaves.

Let me count the ways….

The joys of autumn are fast approaching, depending on where in the world we live. On the east coast of America, in the mid-Atlantic region, fall has been not-so-fast, actually slow in arriving. Last night, the temperatures dropped to the 40s degree Fahrenheit, so I’m feeling hopeful-!

What are these wonderful benefits of autumn?Fireplace_Burning

Crisp, brisk air. Multi-colored leaves (although not so much this year due to very warm temps).

Wood burning in the fireplace. Leaves burning in the countryside.

pumpkin cornBales of hay and stalks of corn husks. Indian corn. Pumpkins. Hayrides.

Pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin everything (okay, maybe that’s a little over the top!). Fresh apples.

Thin sweaters. Bulky sweaters. Raincoats.


Little jackets on the dogs.

A refreshing walk to school or the office.soup

An extra blanket or quilt on the bed. Warm, toasty nights with slipper socks.

Simmering soups. Family and friends around the table.

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