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On Becoming a Man

t1larg.younger.man.tsMany are the nascent signs of a young man growing up:  whether his budding whiskers, a first job, or learning to drive. Yet, none impresses me as much as the shouldering of responsibility, the owning up to matters great or small, good or bad, and being “able to respond”.

Petya faced such a challenge recently, and I was glad to be by his archeological_dig_mar08side.  But he was the one handling it, growing light-years in the process.

We were in our latest, remote archaeological location when he received an e-mail from his place of work.  There for just an afternoon a week on his busy schedule, they loved his enthusiasm as the King of Shredding, Filing, and Data Entry.  It was thrilling enough when they asked him to become a paid member of the staff right before the summer.

computerThey gave him more and more responsibility.  Petya became known by name to the top boss, and he gave our son special projects, which made him so excited and honored to be able to really assist in the office.

And then came the e-mail.  By the time we got it, it was after business hours on a holiday weekend.

His immediate boss could not find an electronic file on which he had been working for the top boss (#1).  All of the work was done on another supervisor’s computer (#3).  The immediate boss (#2) wrote and asked where the file might be, since she needed to print it for #1.  Had Petya saved it on the desktop under the name upon which they had agreed?

My heart sank for him. Anyone working on computers knew how ?????????????????????????????????items might inadvertently disappear from time to time.

“Mama, I know I saved the file,” he assured me.  “My supervisor told me to close her computer after I finished working on the project.  She wanted to access it from yet another location, so maybe my immediate boss doesn’t use the right password to gain access….”

So that’s what he wrote her, carefully explaining that he was in a remote locale, or he would be happy to come in and pull up the file himself.  By Monday, she had written that whatever it was could wait until he came in again.  He thanked her and shared that he always tried to do his best for the company.  Another e-mail came which sounded vaguely as though they still couldn’t access it, and put butterflies in our stomach.

well-done-(page-picture)That day, we had a Scripture reading about the Lord being able to handle things.  We could be assured that He was on the scene.  We prayed about the situation and refused to have a miserable week.

Sure enough, within another couple of days the third supervisor had made it into the office, opened up her computer, and found everything.  All was well and Petya was vindicated.  His immediate boss was kind enough to send Petya an e-mail, letting him know that all was in order and that they certainly appreciated his hard work.

When he arrived at the office that week, the top boss gave him extra assignments and let him know how much they liked his work.  Soon, they were discussing branching out into yet another direction with even more opportunities for our teen.

He had weathered the storm with dignity and confidence.  He was becoming a man and we were proud of him.


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    Sounds like your son came through with flying colors. Plus his mother did not have to lose any sleep over it!

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