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On D-I-Y Decking and Walkways

deckingI am on an exploratory foray to examine do-it-yourself decking and walkways or boardwalks. Who knew? The options these days appear to be limitless. For anyone residing in marshy, sandy, muddy, shady or sunny areas, a snap-together deck, on the ground, or in the air, may be just the thing.

Where have I been living? Under a rock? There are roll-out wooden or composite walkways which may be placed over grass, stones, wood chips, pine needles, sand, gravel, old concrete and more. Think of wooden beach walkways or boardwalks stretching inbetween seaside cottages and leading to the shore and you’ve got the idea. They come in lengths of three feet or longer and walkwayare a quick and easy fix if there’s no carpenter in your family. If treated properly with preservatives (hopefully non-arsenic, depending on the company), the boards can last for 20 years.

Pretty amazing.

Plus, the composite decking kits make for some fairly impressive outdoor seating areas. Look at these, floating on a sea of small gravel and making for a delightful deck in a short amount of time. Not so much the tile-like wood flooring which gives more of a mosaic look. From what I understand at this point, there are some screws involved in the long-board kit, or I guess you could use a nail gun to attach the clip strips that hold the boards. Then you step on them and they snap into place.

photo_2_1I’m wondering if these would be worth a try. As summer and backyard or beach house barbecues approach, the wood or wood composite decking products sound amazing. Thought you’d want to know.

You’re welcome.


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