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On Dogs and the Divine

WendyFranciscoGodandDogCaspianDogs are Divine. At least ours are. Not to be confused with a deity, of course, but so many of their traits (other than chasing anything that moves, licking their private parts, and barking non-stop) prove to be more admirable than our own. You know, the whole unconditional love thing….

I love my little fur-babies, Misha and Grisha the Scotties. Particularly when they’re snoring contentedly next to me at home or in the car or on the plane.

So today, we are running a little tribute to all of our pets, particularlymaxresdefault dogs. We’ve done this once before, but it’s been years.

Maybe you remember this two-minute, powerful video. It’s a happy one, so send it viral.  (Click on the line drawing.)

Written by artist and songwriter, Wendy Francisco, I hope it makes your day and weekend a whole lot happier.





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  1. avatar Leah says:

    Absolutely love the video! Thanks for sharing it Alexandra!

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