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On Food, Family, and Being Foreigners

one-hundred-foot-journey-0514If you can relate to any of the above topics, here’s a fun summer film for you. Loaded with meaning about what’s important in life, what’s worth fighting for, and what’s worth making peace for, this film will have any “foodie” smiling… and salivating… in no time.

It deals with a family responding to the tragedy of their own past, searching for a new locale and a new life, and finally settling for what might work… or not.

The father of the family is stubborn and headstrong and sees everything his own way. The grown kids cannot fathom why B97350979Z.120140804173909000GJ667GVD.11he would embarrass them as he seeks to start over. He wishes to retain his foreignness in so many ways, while they’re unsure how much is too much.

Hey, it may be a bit formulaic and predictable, but feel-good is something worth fighting for these days, especially on the rebound of Robin Williams’ death.

140808095536-the-hundred-foot-journey-100-movie-still-story-top“The Hundred-Foot Journey” captures the beauty of a French village with market scenes, restaurant scenes, and café scenes. But then it began in the markets of India and a restaurant family there, carrying us along with their suitcase of spices, to the far-away French village. However, as anything in life, the route is not easy and it is not direct.

If you like picturesque Euro settings, close Indian families, nouvelle 100FootJourney53cea4a2409e4cuisine or garam masala, this kitchen-war film is made for you. With good take-away messages for the whole family, we found “The Hundred-Foot Journey” to be a mostly-lighthearted summer interlude and one your family might enjoy, as well.


(The opinions expressed are my own and no, I am not remunerated in any way for these reviews, in other words, they don’t know me from coq au vin.)


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