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On Having Young Hands & Nails

yournailsIt’s often been said that you can tell a woman’s age by her hands. She might have had some Botox or other injectables to plump up an aging face but the hands that look like shriveled and speckled prunes will easily give away her age.

Personally, I don’t have those problems so much, most likely due to the use of lotion with sunscreen and a sufficiently-high fat content in my body, lol. In other words, I’m already plump enough in the hands. Not so with many young women who get Juvederm “hand-lifts” in order to take selfies of their engagement rings without protruding veins.

Wow, and here I am only working towards world peace.healthy-nails1

Anyhoo, one area of aging I had never really considered: my nails. About 99% of the time, mine are carefully polished. But the other day, home alone with mountains of work, I considered whether wearing polish 24/7 was a good idea. I had heard about the drying dangers of gel polish, from the chemicals, to the intensive soaking (15 minutes in polish remover) and scrubbing required to remove the gel which could often damage the nail bed.

We all know that nails don’t have pores and they don’t need to actually “breathe”. However, when constantly covered with chemicals, the nails weaken and can develop white spots or ridging in the keratin. I saw some ridges in my nails. Googling the condition, I learn the following:

maxresdefaultI am getting old.

And my nails show it.

And there’s not too much that can be done about it, since polishing per se does not cause this.

Mind you, the condition is slight, but still. I discover that vertical ridges are part of the aging process and I need to keep the nails and cuticles, especially, moisturized to counteract if any harsh chemicals such as acetone (nail polish remover) or house-cleaning chemicals (don’t have to worry too much about that-!) come into contact with the nails. Other than this, a proper diet and drinking plenty of water keeps the nails nourished from the inside. Experts say not to buff down the vertical ridges because it already indicates a thinning part of the nail.

Horizontal nail ridges, on the other hand, could reveal health issues. So it’s good to distinguish and visit your doctor on that one.nail

For now, I remove the polish, slather on some Vaseline and call it a day. Already, my hands look ten years younger.

But I won’t be going out like this.  (And that is not my yucky nail to the right-!)


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