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On Mental Health and Gun Control

autoweaponIn the wake of Las Vegas’s mass shooting at the country music concert, many questions are being asked. For me, I want to know more about mental health issues. Personally, I have known several acquaintances recently to give indications of being on shaky ground, mentally speaking. I believe that there’s just too much happening in our country, starting with the eclipse and thoughts of the end of the world (!), to natural disasters such as the hurricanes hitting primarily Texas and Florida, while causing the rest of us to make preparations, as well, for everything from high winds to raging surf.

It’s a bit much for those hanging on by a thread due to life issues all their own. It breeds uncertainty and fear, anxiety and paranoia. Not a good mix.

And then add guns to the recipe for disaster.

Mentally-disturbed individuals do not always obtain legal weapons. They occasionally modify the weapons to be even more deadly. As Mrs.autoweapon Clinton must not know, stricter gun control laws will not totally control criminals or the mentally-ill.

Which means the rest of us need to be armed. Which I am not.

I do not own a gun. (Please do not share this information with criminals.) My husband does not own a gun. My children, now attaining the age of majority, do not own guns. But incidents such as the Las Vegas shooting might push us in the other direction.

We have lived in Israel. There, if a nut case opens fire, which is generally an isolated terrorist blowing himself up or driving a truck into a crowd, he is shot dead in the latter case. Period. Over and out.

arsenalSwiftly settled by most any armed pedestrian on the street. Even if Interpol wants to admit Palestinians, as it stands, these are not folks with whom you want to be making peace, though I count some among my temporary employees, sharing a cup of friendly mint tea. They are not the majority of Palestinians who have been radicalized over the years.

This means that I have friends and business associates in Israel who carry guns on a daily basis. They will not be caught unaware, though the security wall that they built cut down on the vast majority of terrorism. Percentages dropped overnight, even though most Israelis (boys and girls) are drafted into the army and have the right to possess firearms. Peace and quiet have very little to do with legal firearms.

This type of fortress mentality can assist the United States in cutting down on those infiltrating our borders for criminal purposes. That’s good. Secure the perimeter.

Yet, it doesn’t save us from us. Mental illness among our own population may be growing. It used to be that a candidate would win an suicide-bombingelection and we would all try to get through the next four years, no matter which side we were on. Now, we need to launch Molotov cocktails, light cars on fire and smash shop windows. Where is the anger management? “Rise up” is the phrase of the day, as though we were living in Bolshevik Russia.

Let’s face it. There are a lot of hot heads on the streets these days and it’s not due to global warming. There are entire communities with residents high on pot, who cannot find suitable employees because of the legalization of marijuana. Very few parents or schools have taught impulse control. People do and say whatever pops into their heads. They give everyone “a piece of their mind” which, usually, they can ill afford to do.

Doesn’t leave much left in the gray cell department.

And then they retreat to their “safe space” because they are so fragile.

Gunmen and suicide bombers are tricky creatures. They don’t always consult the laws ahead of carrying out their atrocities.

suicide bombersI don’t think I’m buying a gun tomorrow and I possess enough information from my childhood on the shooting range at summer camp to know that a mere pistol may not stop a crazed gunman using a high-powered semi-automatic rifle a block away. Not too difficult to figure out. But if I were in the hotel room next door and I heard someone hammering out the window?

Just might level the playing field.

It’s been reported that the gunman possessed “…a huge arsenal of 42 firearms, explosives and ammunition in both his Las Vegas hotel room and Mesquite home.” I would be happy to submit my home to any type of remote sensing or sniffing that the government may do to prevent this type of massive weaponry buildup because that’s just plain ridiculous.

One or two guns, yes. An arsenal? Umm… no.

Our sincerest condolences to all those affected. Time to ask the hard questions because guns alone are not the problem. People are the ones who pull triggers, and how we vet them in terms of their right to bear arms is the biggest issue we must face if we aim to prevent this prayerfrom happening in the future.

And pray.  I heard my family praying at the breakfast table today for all those families harmed by this evil, and it is evil.  Those with a loved one killed or injured, those recovering from wounds, onlookers who cannot take the pressure all that’s happening right now from natural to manmade disasters, as well as copycat criminals poised to get their names in the paper.  Prayer can never be underestimated when it comes to battling mental illness and combatting evil.

Maybe that’s where we should start:  Lord, deliver us from evil.


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