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On Not Letting Yourself Go

healthy-foodsIt’s an uphill battle as the years pass. It would be so easy to just “let yourself go”, even as houses, cars and clothes start to fall apart with time.

So do people.

To counteract that trend, we need to eat healthy foods, stretch and exercise while keeping the mind sharp, as well. An attractive appearance would help— taking at least minimal effort with hair, makeup, nails and attire. Usually, when we look better, we feel better.

Which makes me wonder: why do we let ourselves go? Are we old and Overwhelmedtired? Does too much effort build up a cumulative weariness after years? Is that that we’ve snagged our mate, so who cares what we look like now or if we stay up-to-date in our business knowledge? Could it be that work and kids and bills simply take up too much of our time and leave very little energy for what could be deemed non-essential? Is comfort the main goal these days?

In regards to me, I’m fighting back. Whether or not my best efforts really work is another matter, lol. But, I’m not going down without a fight.

How about you? Have you let yourself go?


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