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On Orphans and Rescue Dogs

Dog1Just recently, a number of acquaintances have passed away and as I searched my own photo archives for any possible pictures of them for their loved ones, I came across photos of our kids when they first came home. Amazing. Shocking. Night-and-day.

All were cute, even in the Russian orphanage. Their hair and clothes appeared crazy at times, for sure, but even more than surface appearances, the hair itself was dull and dirty, full of lice or dandruff left untreated, the faces pasty and sickly. A miraculous turnaround in appearance took place, and little by little, attitudes and behaviors followed.Dog2

I think of this as spring is upon us. A riot of color in flowers, bushes and trees that have lain dormant over winter. New life. New hope. Everything springing back.

One of our dogs, Grisha, is a rescue, as well, coming from a sad situation of neglect and abuse. His life parallels in many ways the Dogs3lives of our adopted children, also hailing from abuse and neglect. He seems the same as our other Scottie, Misha, but inside, there are vestiges of mistrust. Yet now, years later, children and dogs have very few distinguishing characteristics that would set them apart from others.

They are just as happy to enjoy a lovely spring day as anyone. New life.



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