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On Stephen King’s Blasting of The Donald

Stephen_KingI was going to write about something else today, really, I was. But it struck me as a absolutely hysterical that Stephen King, “American author of contemporary horror, supernatural fiction, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy” would be signatory to a letter condemning Donald Trump’s candidacy.  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

Approximately 8,000, along with some authors, have added their names to Donald-Trumpthe declaration, which reads in part, “Because, as writers, we are particularly aware of the many ways that language can be abused in the name of power; Because we believe that any democracy worthy of the name rests on pluralism, welcomes principled disagreement and achieves consensus through reasoned debate….”

So, in other words, you can disagree, as long as you agree with me-!? This is a writer operating in the fantasy and contemporary horror genre-!?

Stephen-Kings-EsNow, I am just as concerned as the next person about Donald Trump’s inability to censor himself, but like much of the American public, there is a certain refreshing quality about someone who can stand up to the nonsense that has overtaken American politics. We give zillions of dollars to absolute enemy nations and make all sorts of deals clearly not in our own interest. One thing going for The Donald is that he seems to have no issues with self-hatred or self-loathing. He looks out for number one and for anyone else who happens to be on his team.

The fact that a fantasy writer opposes such a candidacy seems par for the course. They write of “…the rise of a political stephen-king3candidate who deliberately appeals to the basest and most violent elements in society….” This from a horror writer-?! No baseness or violence there.

Maybe I just stepped into a made-for-TV movie?

And no, I do not hail from the redneck Riviera, as a matter of fact, this month I just received yet another (earned) degree. Thinking people are able to think for themselves and right now, the alternatives to Donald Trump border on a horror storyline, whether Mr. King “approves” or not.


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