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On the Kindness of Good Samaritans

stormyIt was a dark and stormy night. Along the East Coast of the U.S., there have been many dark and stormy nights of late, whether literal or figurative: monsoon rains, hate groups, hatred-of-hate groups, solar eclipse, more rain, you name it.

And so, I had just spent the last hour trying to calm a clawing dog who was going berserk during the monsoon rains, thunder and lightning. This time, nothing I did seemed to quiet him.

I held him tight. Misha struggled, head-butting me. I put him in his crate. He threw himself against the sides, attempting to escape. I let him wander the house. He panted and howled, wanting to give himself… or me… a heart attack. I tried to give him ice or water. He refused both.

At last, the rains abated and I took my leave, heading to an evening event where I would meet up with the rest of the family. I felt the carblowout-shttr pulling to the left and made a mental note to check into the car’s alignment.

Hours later, the boys accompanied me, while the girls traveled with their father and all of us headed home, separated by perhaps ten minutes. My oldest son was driving and I told him that the car didn’t feel right to me. He discounted the notion, informing me that I hadn’t driven this car in a while. Long story short, we were on the fast track to blowing a tire.

Which happened – KABOOM – as soon as the pulling to the left turned into major shimmying and shuddering; we pulled over while riding on the wheel rim. Enter Good Samaritan #1 who assisting in moving us away from a busy intersection. He and the boys pushed, while I put it in neutral and steered us to safety. I told him that my husband was coming, thanked him for his kindness and the boys started changing the tire.

Tire-changeHowever, with all of the rain and ensuing mud, the jack kept slipping out from under the car. Plus, they hadn’t realized that we needed to remove the tire before jacking up the car…. They’re doing this in dress clothes, mind you….

Benedetto arrived and surveyed the situation. He got rid of the worthless weenie jack and applied his full weight to the lug nut wrench, showing the young men how the big guys do it. Meanwhile, I hopped into the SUV with the girls and a friend whom we needed to drop off at her home. Their windows were all steamed up, what with all of the excitement and air conditioning and temperatures outside around 90 degrees F and about 150% humidity.

I tried to pull away from the side of the road several times, but there were so many folks parking and asking if they could help, that it became problematic. Particularly with the fogged windows that would not clear up, no matter what I did. So I turned on the windshield wipers and did my best.

That’s when Good Samaritan #2 showed up, asking if he could assist. Vacationing in the area, Dexter pulled out a monster jack and sped friendsthem along in the process. The guys put on the spare and got home, but not before Benedetto called out to Dexter’s wife, “You’ve got a good man, there!” and she snuck him their contact info.

By the next day, Petya drove the car in for new tires, while the spare started to shred, as well, necessitating a slow-mo drive on the highway. My husband, meanwhile, took a restaurant gift card to our Good Samaritan and his wife, African-Americans who had stopped for Caucasian-Americans in need.

“He does this all the time,” she confided, “anytime someone is stuck.”

Folks, this is what makes America great: people reaching out to people. No politics, no hate crimes, no fanning the flames of prejudice and oppression: just helping and caring for one another as if they were your brother or sister. (That may be the problem: maybe our families have fallen apart, leading to a broken-down country-!)

Be a Good Samaritan today – reach out to someone in need, or give someone a smile or hold the door for someone. It’s time to turn the world around, not just with signs in the sky, but with kind deeds on the earth.


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