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On Unpacking

Vacation-SuitcasesI’m getting better. Packing was never so much the problem, working with specific lists, checking off items as I went. There always seemed to be the last-minute rush, no matter how well-planned, or the sudden realization that I was in an overweight-suitcase bind….

But it’s the unpacking that often stumped me. I always came back from wherever with so much more. Easy enough if it’s just clothes— throw them in the wash, take them to the dry cleaner and be done with it. But there were legal papers and foreign money and passports and a myriad of items that required specific tending-to.

So, being someone like myself, and trying to jam way too much into way too few hours, I could easily have unpacking2three or four suitcases open at one time: my everyday/everyweek trips between homes, my several-day business trips, my trips abroad, my overnight trips to a field-setting. That’s how it rolled.

This time was different. I started going in the same direction, but my son rescued me. He emptied it all, a lot of which he placed in my everyday suitcase, so not so sure how that helps me, lol, but at least I can deal with it on the go.

So when you hit a snag on the unpacking end, maybe asking for a little help will help you, too-!


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