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Only “Insane” People Hear the Voice of God-???

crOkay, count me in. I mean, school shootings gunning down innocents, ISIS chopping off people’s heads, social media carrying suicides and rapes… and Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View” takes aim at… drumroll please… someone in public office who admits that he prays?

Got. to. be. kidding. Wish it were a joke. I have heard the voice of God and pray to hear Him more. I possess advanced degrees, multiple homes, the same husband for several decades and am raising four decent, respectful kids.

Yep. Must be insane, a low-life worthy to be mocked.cr

Why has spirituality become so far out of the mainstream as to encourage Christian-bashing?

Transgender? Don’t you dare say a word against them.

Disrespect for the flag?  Your prerogative.

Don’t like the president? Have at him.

And now the liberals have come for the Bible believers. Those who have the audacity to say that they hear God’s voice.

Are you catching this? Not just that they speak to the Lord, but that He is there and He is not silent.

crJoy Behar compares it to mental illness. Time to cut her loose, ABC. These are our tolerant liberals mocking people of faith. Time to shoot ABC an email.  We can all take a joke, but this… is not that.

If Katie Couric had to apologize for saying that speedskaters from the Netherlands grew up skating on frozen canals… um… wouldn’t you think that this outright slander against Christians should be addressed?

Let ABC know your thoughts: http://abc.go.com/feedback.


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