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Oscillating Otters and Other Computer Screen Distractions

otterI am under deadline and trying to believe that I don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome from spending up to 18 hours per day on the computer. However, my latest hassle does not revolve around mental anguish and physical pain. Instead, it’s Bing.

Their latest home page involves North American river otters in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. There are four of them, bounding over the snow, one after another.

They are bugging me. Distracting me. I need to keep the internet open for constant Otter-2research from facilities around the world, yet here are the otters – bing – bing – bing – I guess that’s why they call it Bing – leaping across the snow.

Kinda look like beavers.

Other than texting others to see if they will bring me coffee or tea, I stand up and sit down again. Then I stand and type. Then I sit and type. Then I stretch my arms. Then I stretch my legs. And I keep typing.

otter 3I can glimpse the bounding bing – bing – bing off the corner of multiple documents that I have open on my desktop. So I keep moving them this way and that to get the beavers, otters, big rats — whatever they are — out of my line of vision.

I’m happy for the fellas. I’m glad they’re running around in a winter wonderland. But could they just sit still for a while?

I’m trying to work.

Thank you.


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