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Our Boy’s Business Lunch

lunchPetya will turn 19 in late September, going to college part-time year-round and working part-time. He started as a volunteer at his office right after his 15th birthday, an intern-of-sorts, becoming a paid employee a couple of years later. Almost four years later, the boss that initially brought him on board was going to retire this summer, so he asked her to lunch.

“I told Ms. Batya that she was responsible for giving me my first real job and I wanted to take her out to lunch to thank her,” he explained.

He had already been through this with another boss, Ms. Anna, who retired earlier this year. Petya business-lunchworked even more with her, yet she had employed him in the first place. And besides, they went to lunch a number of times together, and yes, he had invited her to lunch at the end, as well.

But this was a first for Ms. Batya, so naturally, I had to brief him.

“Talk about whatever interests her. Try not to dominate the conversation,” I coached, giving him about ten possible topics to choose from.

BusinessLunch“Memorize these,” I e-mail him the day before.

“Okay,” he laughs, goodnaturedly.

“Ask about her grandchildren and what she looks forward to doing in her retirement….”

“Yes, Mama.”

“She might ask about university, or your future goals, or what you like to do in your spare time. Speak English clearly…” I remind early that morning, keeping him on his toes.

“What are you going to wear?” I continue, thinking he’d better get into the office fast or I’ll wear thhim out before he ever goes to lunch, reviewing again how to compute the tip for the wait-person.

Around noon, he texts me, “Leaving now.”

“I’m with you,” I cheer him on. “And don’t forget to sit up straight,” I type.

“Will do.”

thI was on pins and needles the whole time. A couple of hours later, he shot me a quick text, but I heard all about the business lunch when he arrived home that night.

They enjoyed a nice stroll there and back. Once seated, Petya had asked if she would mind if he prayed over the food and she had no objections. So he did in his own imitable style, thanking the Lord for Ms. Batya, as well. The two of them had an easy flow of conversation… which somehow centered around me.

“You know, I asked if they would be hiring from within or without to fill her position,” he revealed, “and she said she wasn’t sure, yet. So I mentioned how amazing you are and all of your fantastic qualifications for exactly that job-!”

“You what-?!” I sputtered, incredulous.

This was my son, taking after me, for sure. A senior position in the company, he was absolutely th correct—it was extraordinarily right up my alley. But did I need anything to do in my nonexistent spare time?

“You might be able to telecommute for part of the time,” he shrugged. “Everyone else does…. And she was very impressed with your abilities.”

So there. My son goes out to lunch and my future is decided. His boss said she would get back to him if they were looking to hire anyone from the outside. If so, he was ready.

Oh, and did I mention? Two other mother-son pairs work for the same firm, lol.


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