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Our Country Up in Smoke?

Pot_Leaf.9783638Smoking pot on the referendum, doctor-assisted suicide, failing schools and a depressed economy. Where’s our country headed anymore?

Do you really think we need drivers under the influence of marijuana? Tourists coming to our nation’s capital to get high?

Doctor-assisted suicide? I understand the desire to avoid pain and suffering, but the taking of human life in our own timing and on our own terms sounds too much like a barbaric era when evil people felt they needed to decide who would live… and who would die.

Our public schools are a mess. Even when teaching to the test, we’resmoking-marijuana finding school systems that need to add points to students’ scores.

Add to that the constant grind of folks trying to find work and make ends meet, while their savings go down the tubes and the creditors come in to foreclose.

It’s rough. It’s tough. Times are still hard.

Should we add to the confusion of our country by proliferating the potheads? Are they going to be able to make meaningful contributions to American society? What’s happening to our country?

We may be going up in smoke in more ways than one.


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    Welcome to our drop-out and disengaged society!

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