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Our Dogs Send Me Selfies

IMG_4501Benedetto and I went out to lunch a couple of hours away for his birthday. The kids kept everything under control in our absence. We enjoyed adult conversation amongst fine linen and even finer art.

Round about my husband’s key lime tart with vanilla sauce and raspberry coulis, our dogs, Misha and Grisha, started participating in the celebrations. Knowing that I would miss them, the two Scotties started sending us selfies, aided by our teens.

“Selfies from the Scotties…” we explained to the server.IMG_2237

“That’s a first.”

Naturally, it was one of those kind of restaurants whose patrons didn’t use their phones at the table. So I glanced at the phone in my lap a couple of times and then indulged myself when we emerged out into the street.

My sweet babies.

IMG_0772.JPGWhat were they doing? What they do best: lounging, sleeping, posing, riding in the car. I could only hope that they were dreaming of me.


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