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Our Drive-Thru Dogs

My husband has hooked our dogs on drive-thrus, no, not those calorie-laden establishments dishing out burgers and fries without their patrons even having to get out of the car.  (Although I’m sure if you tossed some hamburger meat their way, they’d be very happy doggies, indeed.)  Instead, we’re talking about drive-thru banks, believe it or not.

Our dogs are financiers-in-the-making, concerned with checking accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, and free treats.  You see, Benedetto believes that it’s beneficial whenever he visits one of his several banks, that the children and dogs go with him.  Often, he will use the drive-thru windows, whether downtown hairpin drive-thrus, or more suburban spreads with multiple pneumatic tubes stretched across several lanes.

The children learn that banking is part of life, that money doesn’t drop from heaven or grow on trees.  They see checks being deposited, and understand that working is important, whether a person has a normal, 9 to 5 job, or trades in stocks, making wise investments.

However, I noticed that when Benedetto asks if anyone would like to accompany him to the bank, both children and dogs make a beeline for the door, rushing to hop in the SUV.  What could be the allure?  A drive in the car?  The opportunity to get out of the house?

Mais non.  It’s the drive-thru itself.  Unbeknownst to me, pedestrian soul who prefers to get out of the car and do my banking face-to-face  (why, I don’t know, since it seems to take 20 minutes to make one short transaction:  How are the kids?  Fine, thank you.  May we help you with anything else today?  No, thank you.  Have you thought about taking out a second mortgage, we have special rates right now.  No, thank you.  Did you have a nice Fourth of July?  Yes, we grilled at home….), it turns out that treats are offered to both children and pets, whether lollipops or milkbones.

Well, this drives wild Misha and Grisha, our Scottish terriers.  You would think they had never eaten before.  When Benedetto starts to roll down his window, the two clamor for position on the console or passenger seat next to him.  It’s as though they’re shouting, “Helloooo!  Remember us?  The cute black terriers with beards?  We’re wagging our tails and smiling just for you?”

Naturally, the bank clerks gather to ooh and aah and say hello, sending anywhere from two to four treats their way.  Benedetto can barely pick up his receipt before the two of them are climbing over him, almost leaping out the window in anticipation.

The kids, as well, try to sit up straight and make themselves visible and smiling.

“The whole crew with you today?” the clerk asks, placing lollipops into the drawer or tube, our kids carefully deciding in advance which one will receive which flavor, since, apart from holidays or special events, this will be their tiny allotment of sugar for this week, lol, not counting the baked goods I whip up for the masses on a regular basis.

Everyone leaves with a smile on their face.  Silly me, I go by myself to the bank, just to take care of business and chat for a few minutes.  Who knew that it could be this rewarding?

I must admit, a bank that takes care of my dogs or my kids is not my first consideration, however, it seems that they keep us coming back for more.  The only drawback to date appears to be toll highways, when the dogs lunge toward the window as Benedetto is getting change.

“No treats?” the two dogs look at me in confusion.

“It’s okay, boys, it’s okay,” I hold them tightly until they fall asleep again, and dream of another day, and another drive-thru.



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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    You need a reality show, this stuff is too funny!

  2. I do believe that is the bank’s plan, yes. I used to work the bank drive up window back in the days when providing sugar and dog treats was not an official part of the bank’s plan and I had to pay for them out of my own pocket. And I did so willingly because apparently I enjoyed watching the customers get trampled by canines trying to grab dog bones out of the drive up drawer. It was totallly the best part of my day. My daughter and my sister’s dog are all over going to the bank now.

    • avatar admin says:

      It’s working, it’s working, Wendy! The way to customers’ hearts is through their pets and kids, lol. There could be a big trend for other industries here….

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