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Our Girl’s Good News

summer-jobsWe’ve been chatting with the kids about summer jobs. Granted, half the summer is over, but still, they can dream. Their ages are 17.5, 17.5, 16, and 13.5, two boys, two girls, all who arrived from Russia at older ages.

The first boy is headed to college in the fall, the second boy is entering 10th grade, the 16-year-old girl is entering 10th grade, and the youngest girl will be in 8th grade. Our oldest, Petya, has gone from working for half a day to a full day as a paid intern in an office having to do with his intended college major and is looking for more work; our oldest daughter, Mashenka, wants a job, any kind of job, that involves skills such as living and breathing.

She claims that no one will ever hire her because a) she has no car at her disposal; b) she does not know how to drive; c) 60ee1122439556a3c07cf0c4582bf59cshe does not have a phone; and d) we are a weird family that exists to make her life miserable.

To these various charges, I answer: a) she has no need of a car since she doesn’t drive; b) she is not going to learn to drive until she can learn impulse control; c) she has no need of a phone; and d) she won the lottery in more ways than one when she joined this family.  I tell them they are immigrants, we all come from families of immigrants, and there are no excuses:  you walk to work, you bicycle, you take a bus, you do whatever it takes. Besides, all this summer, I’ve been talking with the kids in general about skills they need to develop: speaking English clearly, learning to spell properly, being a team player, a problem-solver, and having a can-do attitude. Not to mention the fact that they both have exactly one day per week at the dacha when they could work: Friday.

summerjob-268x300Their other two siblings are fairly out of it. Pasha, also nearing 18 and possessing artistic abilities has sold some sketches. He’s additionally great at organizing spaces/ refrigerators/ closets/ pantries, but would have to do something to develop that. Their youngest sister, Sashenka, is too young to think about any jobs… but that doesn’t stop her.

Mind you, we have made this a matter of prayer. And then an e-mail arrived. A family friend with connections offered jobs to both Petya and Mashenka… on Friday… all day… Petya could drive he and his sister to work… and they would work in the same area… but apart. An all-around “sportnik” as we say in Russian, Petya would be employed on the golf course in several capacities from delivering carts, to loading bags, to working on the computer; Mashenka would scoop ice cream in the café adjoining the mini-golf course side.

After checking with her brother that he was interested, I elected myself to be 5-Tips-to-Help-Your-Teen-Score-a-Summer-Jobthe bearer of good news to Mashenka. I asked her to run an errand with me… and maybe grab a little ice cream along the way.

Sitting at the ice cream shop (a different one), I told her how nice it was to be with her, savoring some ice cream, especially because we were celebrating.

“We are?”


how-to-become-a-golf-caddie_124817469.s300x300“What are we celebrating?”

“Your new job.”

“AIIIYYYGGHHH!!! MAMA!!!”  She was delighted.

I shared with her the opportunity to DIP ICE CREAM, work for all of one day per week leaving time for other fun stuff, make a little money, drive in with her brother, etc., etc. Oh, and possibly get reduced-price ice cream.

“AIIIYYYGGHHH!!! MAMA!!!”  She was thrilled.

Let’s just say her prayers were answered. She hasn’t stopped smiling all day.


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  1. avatar Cubby says:

    Hope that has gone very well for her and that she is enjoying it. A job is such a character and confidence builder.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks, Cubby, she starts Friday and I think I’m more nervous! It’s a golf course and mini-golf setting– didn’t your daughter work at a golf course? How’s everything with you this summer?

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