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Our Girls & the Transgender Restroom

transgender-bathroom-1024x683The one time we turn our back. Occasionally, occasionally, I as a mother have stuff to do. Like run empires on several continents, etc. This time, my husband was multi-tasking while our whole family was out and about. I stepped into one establishment, while he went to get gas and snacks with the kids and dogs elsewhere. Our two daughters, just-turned-18 and 15, walked into the ladies’ room together at a convenience store where they had been before.

The eldest led the way and immediately started backpedalling, while our Bathroomyounger, in her usual semi-conscious state, did not notice anything amiss.

“Get out,” Mashenka said to Sashenka, “we must get out NOW,” she hissed in Russian, noticing a man using the toilet, back to them, stall door wide open.

“What?” the other asked, confused.

It wasn’t everyday that they used Russian anymore. They were not in secret-telling mode or anything that would prompt anything but English at this point.

public_restroom_signs_05“Moozh’cheenah! We need to leave now!” she repeated urgently, indicating that a man was there, grabbing her sister and standing outside the restroom, at a safe distance.

Our teens had heard us discuss the transgender issue. If someone were confused about their gender, or decided to transition to another gender, we had no problem with them using a family restroom designated for either sex, but we did not agree with those of another gender simply being allowed to use whatever facility they felt amenable to on any given day….

In a minute, a man emerged from the ladies’ room and blinked at them. He noted that they looked like they were waiting for someone. They noted that the man didn’t appear to be transgender.

“What did he look like?” I questioned them later, upon hearing of the incident.wrong-restroom-240x300

“He was dressed in khaki pants, a dress shirt and tie, Mama, a regular guy on his lunch break,” the girls explained.

Slowly, it registered upon the man and he doubled back to the restroom, saw the sign indicating ladies and turned beet red, apologizing profusely to the girls whom he had heard in the restroom.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t know! Oh my, so sorry!” as all went on their way.

An honest mistake. But really, is this what we want our kids to face? Mine are old enough to be on their own in a public place for two minutes, or are they?


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