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Our Life in the Car

2011-GMC_Yukon-SUV_Image-001-1024No, we do not live in the car per se, but yes, for all intents and purposes we live in our car.  It’s not simply the daily back-and-forth of extracurriculars, games, and rehearsals.  Instead, it’s the long-haul drives that we used to accomplish in our own plane.

Believe it or not, private planes are not so glamorous.  We had a couple of pilots, whom we then needed to figure out what to do with?  Should they stay in Location B, in order to be able to take us back to Location A in a few days, or should they fly back to Location A, then necessitating a return to pick us up4003417196_abd7857a35_z in Location B, in other words, an entire extra round-trip flight without us on board?

Then there was the question of being diverted.  Storms with heavy rains and winds could pop up even if you were monitoring the weather 24/7.  Upon occasion, the plane would be diverted to a nearby airport (say 2-3 hours away with a runway long enough to accommodate a plane of our size), where our car naturally was not parked.  If it happened on a weekend 2012-GMC-Yukon-XLor evening, not many car rental companies were willing to deliver a car, much less when they were closed.  Not every executive airport appreciated kids and dogs, either.

Which brings us to our car, an SUV with an overtaxed odometer.  The six of us ”two boys, two girls, two parents, two dogs” generally take two seven-hour trips each week. That’s the norm.  Anything extra is extra on top of that.

In the beginning, the kids sleep, since all of us depart long before the crack of dawn.  Benedetto and I Yukon_Denali_XL_Interior1chat and strategize for how we will remain sane for yet another day.  Then he tunes in to scholarly lectures with an earbud and I commence work on my computer.  The kids and dogs curl up with fleeces draped over them until it’s time to start school.

Around 8:00 a.m., we stop for a bathroom break and hot chocolate for the teens.  That might be all we need to really live in the car, a bathroom, and maybe a microwave.  However, for now, we’ll make do with life as we know it in the car.  Less is more, as they say.


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