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Our Narcissitic Dogs

Poor self-esteem does not plague our pooches.  At all.  I’m not sure if this is normal, but the two Scotties, Misha and Grisha, love to primp and prance.

Don’t get me wrong.  They’re manly boy-dogs, fierce and tough.  They just like to look at themselves in the mirror.

In my bedroom, I have an antique chair next to a big, mirrored closet.  The bottom of the chair’s seat sags slightly, making it perfect for Misha to wiggle beneath and scratch his back… while he gazes at that cute Scottie in the mirror… himself.

Then he rubs his huge, bearded face back and forth on the floor until I come and scratch it for him.  He basks in my long strokes and rolls over for underarm and tummy scratches, as well.

The other little guy is Grisha with the dreamiest, hazel-brown eyes.  He loves to ride on the middle console of the car’s front seat, inbetween Benedetto and I.  Often, my husband’s free arm encircles him while his langorous lids fight off sleep.  He gazes at me, looking deep into my eyes, and I stroke his beard.

They’re two of a kind.

Our youngest daughter bathes the Scottish Terriers twice a week.  This keeps any allergens at bay, and they smell deliciously oatmeal-like.  After the bath, they run like wild banshees through the house and bring out their toys, throwing them at our feet, growling and fake barking, “Let’s play!”

Misha and Grisha love being bathed, and clean, and brushed.  If we don’t sufficiently admire their extreme handsomeness, they’ll poke us in the leg as if to say, “Hey!”

Today they will be groomed and I can only imagine the prancing and strutting that awaits us upon their return.

Do your dogs love themselves?



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