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Our New Fave Flick

It’s silly, totally silly, but if it keeps me from mindless adolescent chit-chat (either on the screen or in the home), so be it.   There are talking dogs, talking monkeys, atrociously-mangled Arabic, evil Egyptian cats, and an archaeology-based story-line.  The grandfather-grandson adventure tale is cute, sweet, and has a happy ending.

What more could you want?

Most of all, it’s funny.  The name of the film is “Treasure Buddies”.

We have a lot of archaeology-fever going on in this house.  Half the kids think that it’s treasure-hunting, thanks to some TV programs that depict it as that, or even worse, as looting, and that we don’t watch.  They semi-understand that this is a science, the study of previous civilizations and people groups, and that their artifacts help us understand more about their way of life.

We watch the docu-specials, the robots sent into shafts in pyramids supervised by the Antiquities Department.  The journalists are dripping real sweat and manufactured enthusiasm after having climbed 500 or so steps in tombs that haven’t felt a real, outside breeze in some centuries.  Maybe a stone sarcophagus is about to be opened for the first time since it was sealed and some of the kids are yawning, not getting the full import of such an expedition.  It is for these souls that “Treasure Buddies” comes to the rescue, with good guys, bad guys, and a lot of action inbetween.

This is not Academy Award acting.  There are poorly-synced lips and kiddie-humor, set in the Middle East.  Some have termed it an Indiana Jones type of movie for children.  It’s just plain fun where pups with personalities and desert bedouin come to the rescue.

If you like animals in costumes, camel subplots, good versus evil, and monkeys who love bling!, this could be for you.  Apparently, the “Buddies” are puppies who have all sorts of serial adventures, but this is our first experience with dogs who were making movies from years before.  Although it appears to be a B-rated flick from much earlier, this came out in early 2012.

As far as time, it will take all of an hour and a half to watch.  In terms of cost, you can rent it for just over $1.  The treasure hunting and bad accents made it hysterical for our family, but we weren’t looking for “War and Peace”, either.   We have a lot of age groups to appease.

You might enjoy it, too.



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  1. avatar hoonew says:

    Will look for this one- I always value your movie recommendations!

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