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Our Returning Troops Deserve A Parade

American soldiers are home from Iraq.  Hooray!  (I guess…. I mean, I don’t know where that leaves the locals when we departed and turned out the lights, but that’s another issue for another day….)

Returning British troops were celebrated in the streets of London.  So where’s our American parade and the cheering crowds?

New York City last week reported that the Pentagon did not request a military parade for the returning troops.  The Pentagon said that no order came from the White House.  Meanwhile, the President was soaking up the sun in Hawaii, while we are forced to tuck tail and slink back to a Vietnam-era mentality.

Do you believe our returning servicemen and women deserve a parade after laying their lives on the line for years?

I do.

It’s been nine long years since the start of the Iraq War and eight years since a lice-infested Saddam Hussein was captured from his hole-in-the-ground hideaway.  Thousands of our troops (4,484) lost their lives in the pursuit of freedom for the people of Iraq.  Thousands more completed their mission and are returning home to build new lives.  Thousands more are still in Afghanistan.

Is a high-five and ticker-tape parade too much to ask?  Let the President know your views by filing an e-mail comment at:  www.whitehouse.gov.  Do it today for them.



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  1. avatar SLB says:

    Such a lack of gratitude towards not only the brave soldiers but the family and friends of those that put their lives on the line for our freedom is heartbreaking. What a shame!

  2. avatar Fran says:

    I fully agree with you. As a 50 year member o the Daughters of the American Revolution, I feel this is a ‘slap in the face’ of all Americans, especially the families of those young soldiers who have served our country so honorably. It is a disgrace to have our young people treated with such little respect. A letter has been sent to The President, and I am awaiting his reply/excuse!

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