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Our Scotties & the Time Change

scottish-terrier-noirMost of us with dogs are used to getting up at daybreak or before to take them for their first walk of the day. Yet, ever since our clocks fell back one hour, all of the dogs that I know are rising anywhere from one to 1.5 hours early. No one sent them the memo.

“Misha! Grisha! Lay down!” I hiss when all is dark and quiet and they are pawing at me.

It’s 4:30 am and I thought I could sleep-in grishatill 6:00 today. But no. The dogs are crying and poking me. I understand the power of a full bladder and so… out we go, after I turn on all of the outside lights just in case a stray owl, deer, raccoon, opposum, spider or lion/tiger/bear/elephant might be stalking anywhere in the environs…

The two Scottish terriers stroll like they’re in their right minds, pausing at this tree and that. Sometimes they’ll simply sit down and stare at the stars and sniff in the clear midnight air.

scottish-terriersAll the while my bed is calling me. Most nights, I stay up late, working on scholarly research, combing hundreds of articles as primary sources. Since the time change and an earlier-than-ever canine wake-up call, I’m getting a couple of hours’ night sleep at most. I wonder if it’s affecting my reasoning ability.

Even at our other home that has a fenced, urban backyard approximating a suburban zzzzone, someone has to stand guard at the back door to let them back in. Otherwise, Misha and Grisha start to bark if we’re not quick to welcome them back into their warm home, where, following a tiny treat, they settle back in to snore for another couple of hours.

Usually, it’s not so simple for me. Occasionally, I can konk out again and catch some zzzzs. Usually not. So I continue my work, developing outstanding academic qualifications all because of my time-disoriented dogs.

Are you getting up early, too, with your pets?


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