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Our Scotties & Their Doggy Sleep Positions

sleeping6It’s only a matter of time. Somebody’s got to design a doggy-adjustable sleep bed. I mean, the canines have needs, judging from their nighttime gyrations, not to mention how they sleep in the middle of the day.

Look, Grisha is on his back, growling and wrestling!

Now Misha is stretching out and taking up half of my bed, sleeping sprawled out horizontally to me, effectively cutting the bed size in two. Why can’t he sleep side-by-side with me?

Then, as if on cue, he snuggles up against me. This will work… I extend sleeping2my aching legs.

As soon as I do, Misha is up in a flash, climbing over the top of my legs… and plunking down on top of them/inbetween them, effectively pinning me to this position for most of the night. When I awaken, I wonder if this is arthritis, or a severe case of dog-slept-on-top-of-me legs.

sleeping3Both of the Scotties enjoy sleeping with their heads and necks hooked over top of something. If I’m working in the car on a laptop, Misha comes over and lays on top of my arm, tucking it right under his neck with his chin sealing the deal. Grisha sits on the console in-between Benedetto and me, his head hanging off the edge.

But most of all, the two dead-to-the-world, sleeping sausages like to be on sleeping4their side. They may start out curled up in my lap, but before long, they’re sideways, trusting me to encircle my arms around them in a protective perimeter so they don’t slide or fall off. Never mind that I can’t hold a pen, a book, a computer, the Scottish Terriers now have my full devotion as they drift off into doggy dreamland.  Or, of course, their second choice is for me to hold them in my arms like a baby with their head hooked over my shoulder.

Ahh… what could be better?


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