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Our Special, Highway Dog Run

IMG_0264There’s nothing like a dog park to bring out special doggy friendships.  Unfortunately, our two Scottish Terriers are not the friendliest ones, probably taking heed to our “Don’t talk to strangers” spiel a little too much.  They’re friendly and cuddly around us, yet around certain people and certain big dogs, they tend to go into aggressive mode.  And hence, no dog park for them, with its leashless and licentious ways.

Well, one day when we were about halfway between homes, we spotted a Visitors’ Center just off the highway with a brand-new Dog Park.  The large, fenced, grassy area was almost too good to be true, with bushes,IMG_0259 small trees, water bowls and well-water with an old-fashioned hand pump.  There were doggy doo-doo bags, but best of all:  no other dogs!

Imagine a picnic table with umbrella.  Adirondack chairs sprinkled about.  Climbing vines over the chain link fence, and fish sculptures prominently displayed.  This was one high-class Bark Park.

The first time or two we stopped, Misha and Grisha didn’t know what to do with themselves.  They were unused to being in a new place… OFF THE LEASH!  They sniffed around, but stayed close to our boys who were tending them.

IMG_0270About the third time there, the two kicked up their heels and started to run.  They ran and chased, pranced and sniffed out every other canine that had ever passed through those parts.  They found a tennis ball and started to eat it until we pried it from their jaws.  They ran in circles after each other until their tongues hung out with exhaustion. And then they did their big business.  And ran some more.

The Scotties did not like the well water, but took a sip from our bottled IMG_0271water we kept near their bowls in the car.  They were delighted, having stretched their legs, and then promptly passed out for the rest of the trip.

Never in our travels had we ever seen a dog park specifically created for travelers, although there were some nice, grassy areas near rest stops.  This was fenced, and filled with all of the bushes, trees, and sculptures a dog might care to lift a leg upon.

IMG_0251What a wonderful Welcome Center to think of all members of the family!  Have you ever heard of such a thing?

The dog park has become a highlight of the Scotties’ week, a romp in the park, after snoozing in the SUV.  Kudos to this community.



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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    We have one we stop at on our trip to the in-laws when we travel with the dog. It’s not at a rest stop, it’s just a city dog park however it’s only half a block off the interstate and the best part is that it is exactly at the halfway point. It doesn’t sound half as nice as yours.

    Now only if my dog had some manners, but we are working on that.

    • avatar admin says:

      Isn’t it great to have a place for them to run, Winnie? The best part about ours is that there’s never anyone there, otherwise our little guys would be on the leash. Socialization is not their strong point, except with family and friends. It must be all of that homeschooling… tee hee….

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