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Our Well-Groomed Little Guys

IMG_2189What can I say, our Scotties were looking scruffy. Their groomer had retired, and yes, I had tried my best to snip their coats here and there—around the feet, the distinctive eyebrows, the carrot-shaped tail.

But no, I’m no superwoman. Despite the fact that we had bought some professional tools, I could not (yet) groom them to the standard to which they were accustomed. Calling around, I located two groomers who could work on Misha and Grisha simultaneously, hopefully alleviating their anxiety in some small way.

Misha was okay in general. However, Grisha was a rescue and hated the sound of clippers or nail IMG_2256trimmers. He would need to be scissor-cut. They could do that.

The heavens parted. The angels sang. Misha and Grisha emerged looking better than ever, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Can you see the difference?

The sweetie-pies. Will you be their Valentine?

Soon, they’ll be getting their very own website. Stay tuned…. And Happy Sweeties’ Day!


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