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Out for a Walk with the Scotties

mintyco1“Walk” may be the wrong term for the constant tug-of-war known as a walk with our Scottish Terriers, Misha and Grisha.  Misha starts by nosing me—wham, wham, wham, like a shark—in the back of the knee should I be standing, or the side of the leg if sitting.  Then Grisha has to run through several rooms in a wide circle before he will finally head to the door to be leashed.

Once outside, the two try to tear my arm out of its socket by heading Scottish-Terrier-Mainin two different directions, but really, once they settle down, there’s a method to their madness.

scottish terrier en pleine courseSniff, sniff.

Grisha:  Ooh, look, a branch on the ground!

He sniffs it some more, while Misha sidles up to lift a leg on it.  Then Grisha does the same.

Sniff, sniff.scottish-terrier

Grisha:  Ooh, there’s a few pinecones out of place!

Meanwhile, Misha spies some birds overhead or a squirrel swinging tree-to-tree.

Scottish-Terrier-29Misha:  Bow-wow-wow-wow-WOW!  he bellows with a voice to shake Mount Rushmore.

The birds or squirrels squawk back at him, until I unceremoniously drag the two Scotties away.  We head to the pond in the back where they watch turtles or geese for a while.  They sit, staring at nature like Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I can hear the steady rhythm of their breathing.  Their nostrils flare and twitch.  They come alive with every breeze tab2and ripple of water or rustle of marsh grass.  The sun is rising and they love the early morning quiet, sharp eyes missing nothing.

Nature is their cup of morning coffee and they drink it in.  I pet them a time or two, but they prefer if I simply plop down next to them and listen to the ever-changing, ever-same environment around us.  Oftentimes, it’s enough just to make a passeggiata with the dogs, be together, and nature-watch in the pondside, backyard cafe.


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