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Out of Hibernation

overweight-workout-400x250I headed to the doctor’s office, a sobering situation for even the most buff.  Although I do a fair amount of running around, it never seems to benefit in the same way that running itself might do.  And since winter has been upon us, I’ve been in hibernation.

It wasn’t this way last year.  During the winter, I tried my hardest.  It never seemed to help.  I’d run.  Play tennis.  Run laps.  Aerobicize indoors to DVDs.  March in place while drying my hair.  No sweets.  No bread.  No nothin’.

No results.

It’s discouraging.

But my doctor sobered me up.  She declared me in the absolute peak of health. I brought up the weight and how I 1619045445_6396a03aabhated whiners and those who made excuses, and really, I was trying, but well, it appeared that one tiny carrot could throw an extra 20 pounds my way, and even when everyone else got the occasional fast food, I always got the small salad, no dressing, no croutons, and still it did no good….

“You realize that centuries ago, you and I would be dead at our ages,” she pointed out.

I love her.

“That allowed the available food supply to go to pregnant women and children,” she explained.  “So think of it that way:  you’re eating the food designed to go to pregnant women and children.”

She has a way with words.  So I spoke up in my semi-defense.

10-tips-for-perfect-portion-control_f“That may be the problem:  the children.  Cooking for them three times a day means that some goes in my mouth, too!”

“So don’t eat their food.  You’re eating the food nature designed for them,” she laughed.

Yes, very funny.  She went on to explain that my current portion size was half a sandwich.  Everything was now half.  That was all that was allowed to maintain weight, much less lose weight.

No wonder I’m on the upswing.

“Half!  I thought I just had to cut back!”  I was aghast.

“Half, um-hmmm…” she said with only the understanding of someone my approximate age and ample size could 11791827-lose-weightdo.

She had good humor, a great delivery, and a positive impact on me.  Thus, this grumpy old Mama Bear decided to stretch, scratch herself, yawn, and come out of hibernation.

Time to try, try, again, and move into Fitness Phase.  No excuses.  If it is to be, it is up to me.

Gee, I’ve heard that before.  But I guess even a Mama Bear can dust herself off, head out of the cave, and get going once again.

Do you think?



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  1. avatar Winnie says:

    Sure you can. I was just sittin’ on my can in front of the boob tube thinking “I gotta start going back to the gym or cancel the membership — next week when the kids are done with spring break.”
    Frankly it is the kids. Since fall I’ve lost about 15 lbs because I don’t feel compelled to finish off the macaroni and cheese, or eat lunch when I’m not really hungry since they are both at school during the day. My other trick is STRESS, my mother moved in and she’s like having a very lazy developmentally delayed teenager in the house. I will send her your direction for a few months for no charge, you simply must give her room and board and a can to put her cigarette butts in on the back steps. After you explain the same thing to your husband, to her, to your kids, to her, to the dogs, to her, the neighbor, to her and something as simple as “I’m going to walk the dog” the stress level rises by about 300% Maybe I should make an info-mercial and rent her out for a few months at a time?

    • avatar admin says:

      Congratulations on the 15 lbs. down! Winnie, you have just described my life in reverse. How about I send my four (well, three are a bit more challenging than our big guy who’s generally no prob at all) to YOU, and they’ll deal with your mom, lol? See, this kind of stuff makes me eat, it’s so stressful. So I’ll just have to turn that around. I’m ordering a great book about a lady who lost 200 lbs. by changing her way of thinking (which led to consistent right choices, etc.). I figure a book or CD to listen to on my long drives is better than another exercise program which I can’t do in the car or on the plane anyway…. No more excuses! Thanks for the encouragement. I don’t look big (I think…), but it’s getting hard to hide the lumps and bumps, so maybe I do. Yikes!

      • avatar Winnie says:

        I here ya. If we locked them all up together I wonder what would happen? he he. Honestly I kinda peeved because NONE of my clothes fit now, everytime I pull something out I haven’t worn in a while it hangs like a flour sack, I can even pull down most of my jeans w/o unbuttoning them. I realize most women would be thrilled with the excuse for a whole new wardrobe, me – well I break into cold sweats. A new bathing suit?!? Shorts / capris for summer, even my bras are too big. Thing is my summer clothes are even bigger than my winter clothes as I purchase most of them during a fat phase a couple of years ago so I can’t sneak by without doing something this year. I’m short too and for some reason petite clothes are all made for the over 65 set.
        Maybe I need a seamstress as well?

        • avatar admin says:

          Darts are easy, either by hand or with a sewing maching. If you have pants, jeans, skirts, just gather the waistband at two points on the waist. Usually the back, on either side of the center works well, since it’s not obvious. Sew right sides together, say 1/4″ of the waistband which would take it in 1/2″ on either side = 1″ total. Sew from the top of the waistband at an angle about 2″ down– a simple triangle, so the dart tapers down to “no material” being taken in. Leave a tail of the long thread or threads and make a knot so the work doesn’t come apart. This is what I do if the kids (like Pasha) are very tall, but thin. If he puts on some weight, you can always let out the darts.

          Of course, if you have too much to take in, you might need two darts in the front of the pants, too. Otherwise, real BIG darts in the back can result in the dreaded “bubble butt”-! Some of us need no help on that front…!

          Winnie, you are my new slim-Jim role model. 🙂

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