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Out to Dinner with Friends

FORMALdiningWe’re all busy. Make that crazy, crazy overworked and busy—responsibilities, obligations, deadlines, the tyrrany of the urgent. It’s a big deal when any of us can make time to exercise, or truly relax, or touch base with friends.

So we got together with another couple, friends of ours for many years. It was his birthday, we had celebrated with them often in different parts of the world, and now Benedetto arranged a perfectly lovely evening with them at an upscale DC restaurant. Surrounded by powerbrokers and tourists, the four of us cut a sharp image.

If only the onlookers knew how much each of us had been through over the years, how thankful we were to be alive and well, and anticipating the future as though we were young people just starting out in life.

The solicitous, jacketed waiters were very old school, and conjured memories indexof some of our favorite restaurants abroad. Preparing our meal tableside, the waiter sliced prime rib, as others brought mashed garlic potatoes, shredded brussel sprouts with walnuts, and roasted asparagus. It wasn’t every day that we ate like this….

We laughed and talked and shared honestly. It was good to reconnect again. We knew each other from years before, back in the day when none of us had kids. With five teens between our two families, we tried not to talk about them non-stop.

restaurant-fine-dining-1But really, my girlfriend wanted to know, why was Pasha not yet modeling? Well, I guess I could give her about 100 reasons, and at the top of the list would probably be that I would have to babysit our 17-year-old going on 7-year-old at every appointment and open call…. At least he had going for him what the New York Times once called the “chicken-chested, hollow-cheeked and undernourished” look popular among some male models.

Our guy-friend’s text message buzzed a couple of times, Benedetto had his own fair share of emergency texts, excusing himself to step outside and make a call or two. Through it all, there was that easy banter and camaraderie that comes with the years: dry humor, ladies laughing, men swapping stories.

Not to mention the delish food, and dark wood atmosphere punctuated by linen tablecloths.  Keeping up connections with friends, not just the usual crowd events, but one-on-one, or two-on-two as it were.  I’ve missed it.


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