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Out to Tea

IMG_4159It’s been awhile since I took my two daughters out to a proper afternoon tea. This time, we decided to invite the whole family.

Note to self: do not undertake a proper tea with white tablecloths, white-gloved wait staff, and gleaming silver serving pieces unless everyone is first properly rested. (Not a given in our fast-paced family life….)

Nevertheless, the teens and adults pulled through enough to relax, converse, and IMG_4151stop stuffing those petite little finger sandwiches into their mouths non-stop at an alarming rate. Made with a variety of breads, cut into dainty, crustless triangles, the order of the trays appeared slightly out of order, which should have been scones on the top tier, savories and sandwiches on the middle tier, and sweets on the bottom tier. However, the delicious offerings made up for the faux pas.

IMG_4152Working our way from top to bottom, the scones came with whipped butter instead of clotted cream, for some reason, along with strawberry jam. They ranged from cinnamon, to blueberry, to lemon and poppyseed.

In terms of sandwiches, we enjoyed cucumber and boursin, turkey IMG_4153and stuffing with cranberry, egg salad, seafood salad, and brie with fig jam. The chicken salad arrived in tiny pastry cups capped with walnut pieces.

The sweet tray finished us off with mini Napoleans, eclairs, cream IMG_4157puffs, brownies, “Russian tea cakes”, and gingersnap cookies. This, along with the liberal lumps of sugar in their assortment of three-minute brewed loose teas, caused our teens to enter a somewhat exciteable state, one might say.

Nevertheless, a lovely time was had by all.


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