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Over-Prepping as a Lifestyle

thBig breath. Big breath. That’s what I generally forget in my hurry-up lifestyle. Naturally, I can accomplish 10x more than the average individual, what with my lists and counter-lists.

For instance, I have organized Petya’s business trip:

1.  Wrote down the name & address & phone of the hotel which he might have confused with three others of similar name in the same city.
2.  Researched the subway stops should he want to explore some great sites. Then I MomsOrganizedrealize he will be working, have no time, and somehow, this city’s subway is too slow for his schedule. I plot a couple of routes, anyway.
3.  Planned yogurt and a banana for breakfast and a ramen cup and apple for dinner, just in case he has no time to eat. A continental breakfast danish at a conference is not the way to go. Then again, neither are noodle cups made with his in-room coffee maker.
prepared-businessman14.  I inform him that he will be staying in one of the most swank properties in the city. To Petya, that means that the sauna may provide birch branches for his Russian banya experience. Over-the-top in his mind, lol.
5.  Created a packing list of clothes for four days, cross-referenced with the projected temperatures and colors that pop as befitting a cool college guy with a promotion.
6.  Got a friend of his who travels to this city regularly to suggest the best rest stops on the way and cheapest places for gas during the six-hour trek. The friend also added to avoid driving in this city after 3:00 pm because of the gridlock rush hour. Naturally, I had already pencilled that in.
7.  Checked with a local attraction offering breathtakingly-educational tours. Did he need reservations, or might it be a slow day and time when he arrives?

Some might think of me as a meddling mother, a helicopter parent, but this goes far beyond anything I would do for my son. I do this for myself on a daily basis, lining up the next day, the night before.

I’m preppy, I guess. Yes, that’s what I am.  Are you?


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