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Overcoming Adoption Obstacles

Sure, in our less sane moments, we’d all like to bring home a dozen or so children who need families.  But there are realities, people, realities of life that we must address.  So here is Alexandra to help you in your time of need, hopefully with a bit of humor.  Better to laugh than to cry, as they say.

Let’s tick them off, one by one:  the problem and the… creative… solution.

1.  Not enough money.  This is a biggie.  You say you earned all of $5,000 last year?  Not to worry.  The child will feel right at home, that’s about average for many Eastern European countries.

2.  Not enough bedrooms or bathrooms.  That’s what they made bunkbeds for, and if you sleep sideways (width-wise), you can fit so many more.  I honestly met Russian students who reported sleeping this way, working in a resort over the summer, and if they can do it in their early 20s….  As far as the bathroom, why do you think the great outdoors exists?  And in winter, you can make yellow snow patterns, not to mention what a wonderful family bonding experience a big tub in front of the fireplace might be….

3.  Too many kids for… a good table in a decent restaurant, a car smaller than a 12-passenger van, music lessons and camp, to be invited to a friend’s home for dinner.  Oh, stop your bellyaching, think of your own sports team, your own choir or chamber ensemble, your own family company.  There’s a silver lining if you look for it.

4.  A recalcitrant and resistant spouse.  Show him/her non-stop YouTube videos of needy orphans.  That’s redundant:  needy orphans.  Anyway…. Play some wailing/ moaning/ minor chord Eastern European music (or African, or Chinese, or Indian, or wherever the child is from).  Scale the delicious food back to some weak tea and local fare from the same country.  They’ll get the drift….

5.  No room for food for the flock. .  Build shelves in the garage to house the Costco or Sam’s Club warehouse purchases of paper and canned goods.  Get used to eating rice, beans, or noodles.  Rinse, repeat.  Add some great spices or creamy sauces and they’ll never know what hit them.

6.  No money to buy more food.  (Do you know how much teens eat?)  Plan a WWII Victory Garden.  A vegetable garden goes a long way, particularly if you can learn the art of canning.  Pickling you won’t need, your teens’ faces merely need to look at the veggies and they will instantly pickle.

7.  Not enough clothes.  That’s why decorative fringes, braids, and trims exist.  Pants too short? Add on a trim to the hem.  Pants too small?  Sew in an insert on the sides.  Pants worn through the knee?  Tell that child to get up from off the floor—those pants need to last through another ten children!  Oh, I forgot, you don’t own enough furniture for everyone, they HAVE to sit on the floor.  That’s when you do a unit study on Native Americans… that lasts a few years… until you can buy another dining room table or living room couches.   The teepee out back can always double as your extra playroom.

8.  Not enough initial money for the adoption.  Sell stuff on eBay.  No, you cannot sell the earlier children, nor exchange them for a new, improved models.  Just keep adding to the family mix and hoping that the new kids will inspire the older kids to greatness.

There you have it.  Got a problem?  We’re here to solve it.



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