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Packages and Deliveries that Self-Destruct

plastic-shopping-bagsNo, this is not a story on terrorism, though it could be. I well remember when I first moved to Israel as a young bride. I had visited there for an entire summer a couple of years before, meeting my husband-to-be along the journey.

Now, we were both there and opening bank accounts. Shuffling from one cubicle to the other one next door, I left a plastic shopping bag filled with a few negligible items for all of a few seconds. Returning right away to the office of my clerk, I found the area cordoned off and I was shooed away.

A bomb.

A bomb?!

How could anyone put a bomb in a bank where you first had to go through such security to padded mailerseven enter the door? Peering more closely, I realized: it was no bomb; it was my plastic bag!

Roundly scolded, I came to understand that no Jerusalem package was ever okay if it was unattended. Children never jumped on brown bags in the street. Adults never ignored a box or package tucked near a street or sidewalk.

But I’m talking today about everyday packages that come to everyday homes in America. As I found today, they can be dangerous when you rip them open.

scrapwoolProbably manufactured in the 1940s, these rip-top envelopes appear to be filled with dryer lint inbetween their outer layers. You open the package, and the insides practically explode—all over your carpet, table, couch, bed….

It’s terrible and I tell you: it must stop.

There, I feel better. Thank you.


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