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Packing a Platoon

thOur family is packing again, but, we always seem to be packing. Most days, I have three suitcases of one sort or another open– one for every-week travel between our homes, one for international travel, and one for archaeological expeditions.

What throws a wrench into everything is when the children are involved.  Trying to get the teens to act as a team would challenge even the patience of Job.

“Socks, everyone, it’s time for socks,” I call out, inevitably eliciting1491878513_large excuses as to why they don’t have any socks this side of Peoria.

“I just bought you pairs and pairs of socks…”  I shake my head.  “How can you not have any socks?”

Packing-Kids-Suitcase-BagsAnd as usual, they have no idea where and when these socks disappeared.

“Underwear!” I call out from our checklist, eliciting a similar response. 

Some have three pairs for two weeks, and other want to take ten pairs for three days.  Basically put, there is no rhyme nor reason, try as I might to organize clothesthem.

After discussions with the teens regarding what they would like to wear in which setting, each has received a typewritten packing list, with enough outfits noted and days in which they will be rotated, and Clothes_Packingdays when they will be washed.  All is carried out with military precision.  One false step and we’ll spend countless hours combing open-air markets for odd and unusual missing items.

Our sons and daughters gather the outfits for inspection, laying them Blank checklist on clipboard, with large red ticks, and room for text.out in order on their beds.  I ensure that nothing is waylaid, forgotten, or misplaced.  Then they fold the clothes and place each outfit in a large ziplock.  From there, the bags go into their suitcases.

A couple of last-minute items, such as pajamas, need to be added from the laundry.  These are circled on the lists, to be revisited again.

Check, check, and doublecheck.  It’s not a fail-safe method for family travel packing, but it’s the closest we can get.


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  1. avatar Karen says:

    You go, girl! If you can get teens to listen to you and do what you say under pressure, send me your secret potion!

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