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Packing Panic

BlackI will be leaving the country in less than a week and I’m having trouble focusing on a suitable wardrobe. In the past, I always just pulled out the same things. If you get creative and have the gift of interpretation, you can see me basically in the same outfits year after year.

Black suit, black pants, black jacket, black dress, black skirt. Shuffle. Reverse. Fast-forward. Print. Go.

It’s me, it’s easy, it’s an appropriate repertoire for most any occasion, but it’s travel-wardrobetime to change. I meld in some bright colors for meetings, appearances, filming. However, then I need to match disparate elements and that takes time and suitcase space that I don’t have. So I continue with the black basics and toss a wild jacket or skirt or blouse into the mix. It seems to be going well.

I consult with a few sites online. You know the kind: Packing for 10 Summer Days in Italy… not that I’ll be in Italy…. but it intrigues me and that’s what’s important. Let’s see: they list three pair of pants, two skirts, one dress, about 500 tank tops, three blouses, three jackets, two pairs of shoes, a couple of scarves, a pair of sunglasses.

sunglassesNo can do.

In sunglasses alone I need maybe four pairs—twice it’s happened that I walked into one of my foreign offices and ping-! The pin holding the arms on the sunglasses popped off. Thankfully, one of my managers had a repair kit on him, lol. I need reading sunglasses, preferably only on the bottom half or the entire landscape of the rest of the world will look blurry while allowing me to read up close, plain sunglasses to wear with contacts, extra sunglasses to wear in case any of the aforementioned break….

Pants are also dicey. Long and sleek are suitable, but then I need to plan whether or not they will require heels due to their length. Which means I require shorter, yet still long pants for long periods of walking. Capris are not appropriate unless you’re talking about leisure time, which I don’t generally encounter on my long-haul trips and leggings… well, they just probably should have never been invented, unless you wear them to a beach with a long top grazing your knees, or if you wear them with boots and a similarly-long sweater in the winter.

Really, I mean just call them footless tights and be done with it. The idea that leggings are pants to be worn in public black2with your popah hanging out is ridiculous, but never underestimate the power of a marketing machine….

So I can leave those out.

Which brings me right back to where I started: black pants suit/ bright blouse; black pinstriped pants/ bright jacket; black maxi dress/ bright jacket; black skirt/ bright top; along with scarves, too many shoes; etc., etc. There goes my plans for navy, khaki or grey.

Just too much work. Get out the packing scale. I have reformed somewhat. I used to carry a travel iron, since wearing natural fibers may get you out of a plane fire intact….

Best to keep it simple.  Happy travels!


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