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Packing Toiletries

thWhen packing to go on a journey large or small, most travelers need to pay attention to bringing the right items.  Unless you’re heading to Timbuktu, anything forgotten or left behind can often be purchased there, and that’s happy news, but then you end up spending half of your trip looking for the right pharmacy, drug store, clothing or shoe boutique.

Been there, done that, usually not due to my own fault, but that of the airlines.  Occasionally, it’s been my own fault, with one or two middlemen and mixed communications helping.

So, we were going away for a jaunt and the kids needed to pack their own suitcases.  We consult together on thappropriate clothes, they make a list and pack them.  Then we discuss shoes and toiletries.  The latter they generally leave packed in small kits—toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, facial cleanser, shampoo, comb….

This time, I asked that they make a list and tell me what was among their toiletries.  And please note that spelling on packing lists, no matter how many times I tell them it’s khaki pants, will probably come out cocky pants, which might explain some attitude issues….

Mashenka, 15.5, turns in her list at lunch as requested.  Top of the list:  “Toilet Treats”.  Apparently, the girl is planning to enjoy her time in the bathroom.

thHer sister, almost 13, has a list headed by “Toilot Trease” and I’m thankful that, at least, she doesn’t envision trees.  Naturally, on Sashenka’s list, there is nothing listed, which kind of defeats the whole idea of a list, don’t you think? 

Didn’t bother her in the least, which might also speak to certain issues of cleanliness with which she struggles.

Some days, I wonder whether I should simply toss the reins to the wind and let nature take its course.  I mean, don’t most travel destinations have tiny toiletries that could stretch for a family of six?



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